“Remember that every story has an end… and therefore a new beginning”

Death is the final destination of life. When something dies it’s permanent, irreversible. It's in that moment that space for a new life is created. This whole process is what we call rebirth, and for us there is nothing more suitable and vain than a flower to symbolise this concept. 

We created three brand pillars which form the foundation of our story and are crucial to Remember who we are.

Note: “Dead Flowers in My Studio" by Rodney Graham (photograph on the right), was our greatest source of inspiration for Remember.


Committed to Quality

Due to the environmental and societal problems all around the world, sustainability is a must. We use 100% organic cotton and recycled materials. 


For the youth, by the youth.

Fashion has been a persistent part of our lives since we were young teenagers. Always spending our last bit of pocket money on the latest releases. We noticed that the need for a qualitative and affordable fashion brand was high. There are a lot of affordable brands nowadays, but too often they lack quality. Therefore, we want to be there for the youth by producing qualitative and affordable clothing.


“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

At Remember, we are fearless. We dare to go the extra mile and never bounce back from controversial subjects. We expect from our customers that they’re not afraid to speak up. We want to give people the opportunity to make a statement using memorable fashion.